Difference between Accounts (Work Period) and Tickets (Working Period)

Dear @Emre, I created an Account Screen using the Work Period filter, and I compare it to the tickets (also work period) and I see a small difference… I have been seeing this diff (not the same amount) the last three days.

Could please check this out for me? perhaps I am doing something wrong…



Could this be due to Rounding? Add the Rounding Account to your Screen to see if the difference is there.

That difference is obvious. Ticket Explorer lists tickets by date range so that totals shown here should not compared with a work period total.

The first ticket on the list (2143) belongs to previous work period.

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Dear @Emre, please take a look at the hour, its 20:36… we start our work period at 17:00, and we usually close before mednight…

And we have not activaed rounding…


WOW, I did not see that one… Please accept my appologies!

Thanks once more


Now that opens a question in this matter, is it possible to have a screen like ticket widget but for the work period?

thanks, and one more time, please accept my appologies, i am old, tired, and a little bit stupid…