Difference between the 3 defualt printes templates

i understand the kitchen one but what is the difference between the invoice and ticket template what the they each used for

Invoice is to do with accounts, if you have to ask that question you are unlikely to be using invoice.
Ticket template it the receipt/print bill template.

You can use these like that:

  1. Ticket template: when customer asks for bill
  2. Invoice: when customer paid the bill and would like to have receipt

Not by default, default there is no payment receipt just the print bill button.
Ticket template covers both of those scenarios as its dynamic.
If you want a payment receipt you would want to add a print bill action to a payment processed rule.

thanks for the help im having an issue now where i can print the ticket for the kitchen and i can print a copy of the bill for the customer by pressing the Print Bill Button but when i press settle to choose which payment option and print it wont print

See my reply in the other post you made asking the same question :wink: