Difference in Custom Report Tags and Accounts

No. Report Tags should work period based. I think I should disallow off period account transactions.

OK. I understand.

that means that Expenses Accounts has no use to me, since I do add a lot of expenses outside my work period. Having the ability to look a them in an Account Screen was convinient, and having a Situtation Board as Report was a great idea to my type of bussines work.

I will have to rollback Expenses and only use reports for my incomes. Writing expenses down in a paper to add them later to Samba seems double work for me, time I dont have.

THANKS!! Sorry becuase I created a lot of threads beleiving that I was doing something wrong when everything was working as intended. You are free to delete those threads!!!


@gerlandog I don’t really get it. You’ve requested to read work period values for accounts while we’re talking about TAXO Servico account and I’ve implemented custom report tags. Now you want it would not be restricted to work period. What is the reason of recording expenses exactly after closing the work period? I’m trying to understand what I’m missing here. You can simply close work period after adding expenses.

Dear @Emre, sorry if I did upset you in any way, it was not my intention.

I requested to read work period values, yes, and I am using them, extensively… My Dashboard screen, hast 6 values, that are very important to me, Gross, Taxa Servicio (actual waiter/s sallary), Net, Metal, Credit Card and Customer Account total within the work period. so far that is GREAT!!!

My work periods are our actual Pizzaria work hours, WED to SUN from 5pm to 12pm. So in this working hours SAMBAOS registers within the workng period orders, tickets… and eventual expenses (one or two, if I need to run to the supermarket to buy a milk for example). I dont record expenses after the work period closes for two big reasons, first, its almost every day that we close 1 am or 1:30 am, and in the next day I get up 6:15 am… so my slepping hours are very valuable, LOL!!! and the second reason is that all those expenses have been done either on monday or tuesday (those days we are CLOSED) or in the best case scenario early in the morning of that day…

During the day, weekdays from 6am to 4pm I ussually go to the bank, pay my suppliers and do my big purchase of cheese, beer, sodas, bread, flour and so on.

I was trying to register all those expenses in SAMBA, that means that I register them OUTSIDE my working peridod.

So, my account screen shows me the actual values of those expenses accounts (records added inside and outside the working period), but my custom report tags (for expeneses only) shows me only inside working period values.

I tought that report tags should give you the actual value of the account, since in the report you are giving the START and END date. when you are viewing the report as a widget, it obviusly will show you the WORKING PERIOD values (wich is PERFECTLY CORRECT), but as soon as you go to Custom Report area, Custom report Tags should not be limited to working period, but to START and END date values given in the upper part of the screen combo.

Hope this calrifies my point of view, which in NO case is ment to make you change anything in SAMBA unless it works for the vast mayority.

Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, and sorry if I upset you.

Thanks on more time!!!


@gerlandog lol, the reason we have work periods feature is determining reporting ranges. When you enter date filters SambaPOS does not use that exact range. It finds which work periods that range covers and displays values from these work periods. Think of you’ve created a ticket after 12pm. You’ll see all related values inside Sunday report even it becomes Monday after 12pm. If we remove that and use report filters instead such values will appear on next days report. It might not be a issue for you but it is important for venues who works after 12pm.

In fact you really don’t need to align your work period starts ends to your exact work hours. Even you are closed you can start a work period and end it when you’ve done.

Also you can always use SQL to implement your specific report. Sum of Debit - Credit from AccountTransactionValues table will show the balance.

Hi @Emre, good to know I did not upset you… thanks!!!

This is the main reason why we use SAMBAPOS, this only feature makes THE DIFFERENCE with other POS systems.

As a rule, we don’t open work periods unless we are going to sell. Just an idiotic rule I think, but so far has been nice to have work periods for only working days… prevents me to see work periods with NO SALES… I am putting togheter a report that shows WORK PERIODS between dates with TOTALS, so we can se the seasonal flow of bussines.

I think that, even tho it will be a bigger effort, I will redesign my CUADRO DE ESTADO (Incomes against Expenses) this way… I may ask for you help… if you dont mind…

EDIT: I think even tho I am pulling data from SQL, its showing only records added within a WORK PERIOD, could that be possible?

SELECT MIN([Accounts].[Name]) as Cuenta,

  FROM [AccountTransactionValues]
  LEFT OUTER JOIN [Accounts] on [AccountId] = [Accounts].[Id]

  WHERE (([AccountTransactionValues].[AccountTypeId] = 8) OR ([AccountTransactionValues].[AccountTypeId] = 9))
        ([Date] > '{Start}' AND [Date] < '{End}')

  GROUP BY [AccountId]

  ORDER BY MIN([AccountTransactionValues].[AccountTypeId]), MIN([Accounts].[Name])



@emre I could see how naming Work Periods could benefit in this sutuation. He could simply put a name on the work period as Expenses Paid or something similar… and His normal work periods could be default. Then we would just need a way to read the Work Period name so he could filter the default ones from the Expenses Paid ones for the work period reports he was planning to design.

Should I display them in date (work period) selection popup that we use in report filter?

I think that would work great. He could then only show his Store Hours Work periods yet still be able to pull data for reports from his expenses