Different custom Navigation screens for different User groups

Yes I know you can map differet navigation automation buttons to different user groups, but when trying to customize it it really never works, as if you try and customise one user groups screen it ends up stuffing up anther user groups screen.

Manually create different Tile Layout files for your User Roles…

The tiles.txt file is found in:


Great! now I can finally give put the start and end day button pin protected on the emplloyee screen :smiley:


How can you do it, could you share it?

How can you do what?

If your asking about the question in general then QMcKay already answered it:
Scroll up to read his original post.

Custom navigation like start and end day

That is a version 5 feature and you can get more information here:

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I just wonder if non admin users cant edit navigation screen with yellow bar etc. How can i edit nonadmin user’s Navigation Screens seperately. By Goin into their .txt files ?

you temporarily make them admin set their screen and then you take admin away from them


Any idea why my “cashier_tiles.txt” does not seem to affect the navigation screen at all when I manually cut the content from the tiles.txt and paste it there? The tiles.txt is empty while cashier_tiles.txt has some content. The navigation screen is same as before I do any editing either logging in as admin or cashier? Is there another location where the settings are stored? or do I need to delete tiles.txt altogether?

That is the only location that I am aware of.

Remember, the file must be local to the physical machine that is running the Terminal. So if you create a file on your “Server” computer, and you have another physical Terminal computer, that Terminal will need to have the file as well, because it cannot read the file from the Server computer.

That’s all I can think of, other than you should probably have SambaPOS shut down before you do any file edits, then start it up only after you have saved your file(s). Likely due to caching when SambaPOS is running.