Different Menus for Different Tablets

Hi, is it possible for SambaPOS GO Tablet to show different menus for specific tables, specific time or specific floors?

Hi @tysa1vnm,

By default you can map different menus to different terminals and departments.

Its possible to do for specific entities and time but it will require some customization. Can you explain what you are trying to do specifically and what your edge cases are, the community usually contributes to interesting questions

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Thank you for the reply, at of now, tablets with different menus for different terminals and departments seem good enough for me. My question was for flexibility measuring purpose only, there’re probably cases where people need those.

I am not entirely sure whether mobile/tablet apps have the same action types you can create on the Windows app.

If I was to do something with entities, Id probably create a Custom Field in the entity called Menu or something, and then use a rule Ticket Entity Changed to load up the menu stored in that entity field.

I’m looking into 8.7. SambaPOS GO Tablet Setup – SambaPOS Knowledgebase and have a strong feeling that the tablet app won’t act as Windows app. Maybe, there is not a way to do multiple menus the easy way. This is why I think better to ask everyone here first.

For the second part, you mentioned about Custom Field, this is wise for me, I don’t get it. So sorry.

Yes, thats because mobile apps usually solve a specific objective instead of being all around solution. I only ever used GoTablet for one menu but I know you can configure Terminal when setting it up, so through that you could map different menu.

Customers, tables, gift certificates etc. are all Entity Types

You can can create additional fields for these entities to store additional values in them. And then you can use these values for reporting, automation, customization etc.

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Thank you, this is helpful, I’ll give it a try this weekend and get back with more information.

I’m trying my best but keep getting this error. I’m on SambaPOS 5.5.4 with SQL Server 2019.

Did you open ports in Windows Firewall?

I’ve turned the Windows Defender Firewall off already. I couldn’t find anything wrong to track down.

What about Named Pipes and TCP/IP Protocol, did you enable that?

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Thank you for the additions. After a bit, I’ve found out that, the issue was related to Message Server. I needed to install Message Server Service and had SambaPOS connect to it. Named Pipes can still be disabled.

I’ll check if multiple menus possible or not and get back with update in a week.

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I think, due to the natural of toffice account, we can’t have multiple menus now. Even if there are Department, Ticket Type and Terminal in SambaPOS GO Tablet settings.

When a new menu is sent to toffice, the old menu will be replaced by the new one.

The toffice can only handle 1 menu in 1 account.