Different pins for different automation buttons


I got great help last time from this community, I have a new question I have been looking through the forum for solution and I think it can be easily implemented but I dont know exactly how.
So, I have 9 different Discounts as Calculation types which run through ticket tags, I have set up tag rules and automation command buttons for all of them, and they are working fine.

My problem is with the confirmation type AdminPin. I have admin pin on void and the discount buttons, void is given to manager and discount pins are given to the staff. Now the same admin pin works on both void and discount. I dont want my staff to enter their pin on void. I want different pins for the buttons. I think its possible via rules by adding custom constraint. something like @QmcKay solution:

But how should I implement it.


probably, you should use “ask question” action and check entered value


Ask question will do this I think. Do question as “please enter pin” and answer as [?Pin] then automate that from each automation command you have


I may he wrong though. Failing that you could use a setting instead and do it that way, it’ll Definately work that way


Ask question wouldn’t give a field to enter a pin, it’s gives individual buttons.
The prompt feature is what you want which is square brackets with the question following the ?
[?Enter Pin]

This would be used in an action like a rule event value and it will show a entry popup. There are further options following the question to define the keyboard layout and mask etc


Ask question I can get it to work but how do I validate the pin entered.


You would need a two stage flow.
The automation command executed rule linked to the button would need an execute automation command action.
You could set a command name which would trigger a seccond automation command executed rule but in the command value field put the [?Pin] expression to prompt for entry of a pin.
Then in the seccond rule you would constrain to command name of the command name entered in the execute automation command action of first rule (this is a bit like a virtual button press to string together rules - note the chosen command name will not show as a drop down option - those are only for phisical buttons/automation command buttons, you will need to type it)
Then your seccond constraint would be on the command value which will be the value entered into the [?Pin] prompt. So it would be something like command value = 1234 or whatever pin.
Then in that seccond rule you then have your actual automation to action the bits you want protected by the pin.


Thanks @JTRTech Appreciate ur help, Ill give it a try,