Different Printer Settings on each workstation or is there a better way?

Hi again team,

Instantly got a random issue when i wanted to kick off, so here’s my issue

Server PC
I login with User 1
Setup with 2 Epson Printer
I use Local Epson : Connected to cash register, Kitchen and Bar
I shared the spare printer as T2\P1

Tablet PC
I login with User 1
I connect and install the T2\P1 printer
I set up as T2\P1 as the Kitchen, Bar Printer

I login with User 1 on the Server PC, i hit print and it spits it out from the spare printer.

I check the settings, it seems its not individual profiles per workstation and its the same printer across the database.

Strugling to follow, what do you mean by spare printer?
Printer list is global, but printer name refferes to the name locally on that terminal.
You can either choose a printer accross all terminals and configure in windows differently on each terminal but with same name or when using shared printer you can use the share name \sharepcname\printername
Or configure multiple printers with different names setup on each terminal with same names and work print job with mapping to specify each terminals to printers that way.

Hey JTR,

Let me post some screenshots,


Even i’m a bit confused as to what to write… ok so this is my scenario…

Cash Register PC has 2 printers
Printer 1 (Manager Prints Kitchen, Bar and Invoice)
Printer 2 (Waiter Prints for Kitchen, Bar)

Manager is on Cash Register PC
Waiter is on Tablets

When i set on tablet pc \t2\epson is the primary printer for ktichen, bar

When i login as manager on tablet, the print comes out on printer2 and not printer 1…

that \t2\epson setting seems to be set on all devices and not just the tablet… so its a global setting…

Sorry i re-read your post JTR, so how do i setup Terminals… assuming

Terminals means each PC…

so how do i assign a PC to terminal profile?

Wait i think i found the terminal setting thing… ok I’ll give it a shot and play with it a little and see if i can just iron it out… thanks JTR for the instant repsonse

If you want different printers for different terminals you either need to use global name and set endpoint within windows but easier to manage is to make each printer a different name and set mapping by terminal to corresponding printer.

I’ve found it easier to just have every terminal’s printer named something like “Receipt Printer” no matter what the printer is and how it’s connected.

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