Different Revenue Classes

I was wondering if there is a way to have two different revenue classes on one menu? Or how would I properly setup so that all my food totals in one group and all of my bar sales in another. We do our budgeting and staffing based on sales per department.


Depends how you want to withdraw the information.
Workperiod report will give a product group breakdown for a start. My local pub just takes the group breakdown into their cash reconciliation spreadsheet and that adds up a wet dry split in the spreadsheet.

The custom reports would probably offer many different ways to calculate a wet dry split with product goups,tags or states with the right coding.

You could maybe use the sales account in V4 but that’s not an area I’m overly familier with, might need to setup a calculation but someone else might know a good solution.
Pretty sure V5 will give you more options as believe it allows menu (and possibly department - dont quote me on that) switching within a ticket.

If you create separate Products Categories, on the Work Period report you can see the items Sales and total by Product Category.