Different sales accounts depending on sales tax percentage

Is it possible to create 2 sales accounts and put the sold amount depending of a low 6% tax or high 21% tax on 2 different sales account? Don’t know if it is possible on item level or ticket level.

Could you give an example?

Typically for 2 taxes you would have 3 accounts
Tax 1
Tax 2

Sales would be the sales NET of any tax.
Each of the Tax accounts would receive their share of the gross sale as a % as configured (ie prices inc tax or exc) whether it be either or both.


First of all:
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To the point:

I want the net sales of every tax group seperated on a account.

For example: a coca cola cost €1.06.
€1,00 is being stored on the low tax SALES account. €0,06 is stored on the low TAX account.

Example 2: A beer cost €1,21.
€1,00 is being stored on the high tax SALES account. €0,21 is stored on the high TAX account.

Now we have a sales overview for the high and low, so I can make a monthly report with:

Sales high tax included: €1,21
Sales high nett: €1,00
Tax high: €0,22

Sales low tax included: €1,06
Sales low nett: €1,00
Tax low: € 0,06

Sales total tax included: €2,27
Sales nett: €2,00
Tax total: €0,27

This is the monthly report for Dutch taxes.

Tnx for your reply.

Any idea or this is possible?

Do you need something like that?


No, I have this already. Im looking for 2 different sales accounts, for each tax type a different sales account. That makes 4 accounts:

1 sales account for low 6% tax.
1 sales account for high 21% tax
1 tax account 6% for the low tax amount
1 tax account 21% for the high tax amount.

So you split every payment on receiveble to 4 accounts:

If I sell a beer with 21% tax, it splits the tax to the 21% tax account, and the rest to the high tax sales account.

Same for the 6% tax items.

Would this one help?

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Yep, that helps a lot… :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have a tutoriel mostly the same for diffrent currency account sales ?

Unfortunately Emre is no longer with us. Please make a new post and be specific about what you need.