Difficult to scroll menu using RDP

I believe everyone is having trouble scrolling long menus in RDP devices, any idea how to smoothen it? other than create shorter menus?

What devices are you using ?

ipad 2,iphone 5s, using pocket cloud

I’ve found that with the 7" tablets that we are using it is easier to scroll using a stylus rather than a finger

ok, thanks a lot for your sharing.

@emre, is it possible to enable page scrolling just like a web browser or Word document?
Or at least be able to make the scroll bar wider so it is easier to use ? Even a page up or down button might be simpler.

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For which part of the screen we are exactly talking about?

menu most probably, i was thinking of running a script on windows to enable left click to drag window! that would solve the problem, but what i can find is only using the right click to do so, anyone can edit the script? hhehe

You can increase Page Count setting of a Menu Category to avoid scroll bars.

… so you’ll have next page , previous page buttons.

Alternatively you can:

  • Use sub menu categories.
  • Decrease button sizes.
  • Use smaller number pad.
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Great solution and really thoughtful, even i found this mousimp program for windows to enable scrolling by left click dragging,this definitely would work much better

@Emre, the Page Count works fine if you have no Sub Categories, otherwise it struggles to split the items across the pages.
A menu with 13 items and 2 Sub Categories (8 & 9 items respectively) with a Page Count set to 3 will show 10 items on Page 1, 3 on Page 2 and none on Page 3. The Sub Categories will only show items on the first page, the rest are empty.

FYI - I can scroll the page on my Laptop so I don’t need to use the scroll bar. I haven’t tried via RDP yet.