Difficulties in deleting the list of products

I want to create a product list but when I try to delete the existing list I cannot. here is the screenshot

please it is urgent

Remove those products from the Menu categories then delete them in the Product list

Its telling you what’s wrong. Remove it from your menu then delete it.

I am unable to remove the products from the list. I realize that it is a pre-existing list and it must be emptied to create a new list and a new menuCapture 1

all pre-existing products cannot be deleted or the database is empty

Go to Products > Menu List and remove them from your menu. Then remove them from products.

Also look at kb.sambapos.com for step by step on how to use and configure sambapos.

the real problem is that the menu is empty and I have read the knowledge base but afterwards. this is why I am turning to you because I will satisfy a customer as soon as possible
sorry for the inconvenience sir

Menu is not empty… you havent even pressed edit on the menu yet. Slow down and look at it. Select Menu and press edit. Delete all your categories then delete your products.

If you are reselling SambaPOS please take the time to learn it first. We also have official Reseller partnerships you can apply for.

This is in the KB. Please take the time to read through the KB before you sell SambaPOS to a customer.

Here’s a visual for you