Difficulty starting a new period

when I want to start a period I receive the message which is in the image. please how to resolve the error?

Check and show log as suggested.

the problem is esy that i dont know how to do it. I just wish I had the procedure

Look in your Users documents folder and find the log.txt in the sambapos folder

yes i found the file, what could i modify in the log file if there is something to modify ??

Just copy what it says so we can see it. We have no idea what the error is until we see it.

This is the log file
log.pdf (1.6 MB)

Looks like you are out of memory.

dont to fix this i need to delete some files from the computer ??
including backup files?

It could be your SQL Server install may have reached its limit if you are using sql express. Sql express is limited to 10gb database size. You can look at the hard drive and see if it is full or not.

My hard drive is not full. But I restarted the computer and the application is working

That exception is thrown when the application reaches 2GB of memory consumption. SambaPOS is a 32-bit application and 32-bit applications can only use up to 2GB. Something in SambaPOS is ratcheting up memory usage.

Do you have any custom entity screens with some lister widgets running all the time?

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my entity screens are very simple. I did not customize.
I only have an entity screen

Does the main application run for a long period of time between restarts (week+)?

If you have no custom entity screens with widgets and what not, perhaps restarting the application more frequently may help avoiding this issue.

Without the ability to attach a debugger, it’s difficult to say for sure what may be the root cause of your problem.