Digital Signage Possibilities?

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have set up a system with customer display,
this leads me to think what can we do for digital signage?

Is there any method that can be used to expand the customer display with HTML printers to a multiple displays signage setup?

Eg. a terminal with a customer-facing display + overhead signage for menu or promo?

Or if you have any suggestions regards digital signage with external software I will be also interested to look into it. TIA

That type of signage usually wouldnt be sale specific though right?
You mean like digital menu board like many big chains have now says.
As its not sale specific ie not current order etc I dont think it makes much dsence to treat like a customer display.
There are several systems out there. When I last looked (preferring a locally hosted type setup) there was one that looked interesting that was powered by a raspberry pi and you could either host the controller locally or with a hosted server they did. Cant recall it’s name.
Or you could go intergrated and make your own system using the samba api to get the current prices etc.

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Try Yodeck.
It runs on raspberry pi.
There is a free option too.
I have it running on a raspberry pi bolted to the back of a spare 32 inch TV ( no case lol )
Config via the web.


I’m using WTware, a RDP terminal server solution. It’s $40/terminal for a license and it automatically provisions Raspberry PI 3’s. You program it with an SD card and then it teaches the PI3 to boot over TFTP server.


Am using PiSignage to great effect, albeit with some rather elderly TVs. Works flawlessly; even turns the TVs on and off at the beginning and end of the day so the staff don’t have to remember to do so

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