Dine in or reservation more 1 table

How to make table order link each other in this situation :smile:

Customer come grouply and seat in 6 table. (table 10 until table 16).

You don’t. You take people’s orders from each table… When ready for payment you can merge them if you want.

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Ok, i first time to learn SambaPos.
Thank you

It wouldn’t be a case of grouping the actual table entities like implied.
Every place I have worked for/with would usually deal with these type of situations my designating the grouped table a number of one of the tables its made from. Usually the first table of the group for a consistent practice so if it were tables 10 - 16 (which is 7 tables by the way :stuck_out_tongue: ) that big table would have been referred to as table 10.

@JTRTech It depends if he is physically combining the tables or not… if he is not then its better to do what I suggested… if he is physically moving them together like you mentioned then yes your idea is good.

Sorry, for ask again.
I use Sambapos V5
now my situation
customer reservation 5 table at 1 room
and the real situation when they come, they add again 2 table at different room location.
they want payment with 1 bill.
My problem when restaurant busy, cashier can lost bill if they not aware it.

i think sambapos will have feature the remain group table, before settle or closed payment

You can merge tickets.
At hotel we would usally either put all group bill on one table - say the first one of group - or use customer/temp tabs and to a group name rather than table as entity.

I use table entity, because they used other table for people smoke or for driver. If we use customer name, order will be sent to main table, not to additional table.
This trouble when they use different place and different waiter serve. And i set 1 room just show 1 entity table.

My idea, there is action to make parent table and child table, so it will link table entity. So it will be remain it when bill it and easy to merge ticket.

OK, so you have different tables in different sections with different waiters so want different kitchen prints but one bill at end?
Can you not just merge the tickets before giving then the bill.

I just want to make remainder when bill it.
When bill, sambapos remainder
There are 4 for table, and link. So cashier will ask customer, will it settle by table or merge it.
When busy situation, they forget, just settle 2 table, and 2 table lost bill.
I use ticket note to remain it, but cashier not aware when busy situation.

OK, try this then,
Use customer and make a group name customer.
Start a ticket on each table and select a table but ALSO select the group customer.
Tables can be created and run seperatly.
When they come to pay select the group customer rather than the table, this will show you a list of tickets for that customer and also show the table number for each ticket, then from this screen you can then either select 1 ticket by its table number or select multiple tickets by clicking the ticket numbers then murge which will merge and open the new combines ticket.

I will try it later at restaurant