Disable clear database transactions

Hi everyone .
Kindly advise on how to disable clear database transactions. To be done only by the systems admin.
Every one else should not be able to execute the command.
From the manager to the warehouse keeper .

You can use management permissions limit what user roles can access.

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Thanks a lot I will try to figure out where to get the commands .

Its the name of the Group.Name

Products.Product List

If you only set this, that user role will only be able to access Product List in Products group. More you put, more they can access.

In the mean time, seeing as these tasks are not needed often, you could move the files from %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Tasks to another folder for safe keeping.

He could do that but there is a button that regenerates them.

I’ve never seen that button. I just saved a script from the forums when I started and thought that’s how everyone did it. :grimacing:

And now I can hear my mother, “if they jumped off a bridge would you?”

Yes, Mom. Yes.

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After much tinkering this is what I did for the store manager

Now all He/She can work on is this