Disable/hide gift and void buttons

is there anyway possible to disable/hide the gift and void buttons once your table is locked and only be shown when a table is unlocked so far i have tried multiple states likeStatus=Unpaid , Unpaid , New,New Orders and so on and when i put either of those in mappings the button indeed are hidden when locked but also when unlocked only way i get them to appear is when i put “GStatus=” in mapping but that makes them useable even when table is locked :sweat_smile:

The problem is that “Locked” is not a State.

You can try isLocked=0 (or maybe IsLocked=0) in the Visible field.

But if that does not work, then you need to create a Ticket State (ie. “LockedStatus”) and set it to Locked or Unlocked and use the State instead (ie. LockedStatus=Unlocked for Visible).

In that case, you would set the LockedStatus State to “Unlocked” in the Ticket Created Rule and LockedStatus State to “Locked” in the Ticket Closing Rule.

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have tried the islocked=0 but no luck

and yeah i was coming to the same conclusion that i will need to make state for unlocked and locked ones

thx @QMcKay will try it tomorrow and let you know if i can make it work :wink:

so it works great will show the full setup i used for it shortly as it needed some fine tuning to show nicely thx again @QMcKay**

so here is my full setup(fyi this is more of a order lock setup then a table lock setup will explain this after the full setup)

first off create a state that will define if order is locked or unlocked i used lockstatus very important is to check the show on ticket as it other wise only work for admin users(at least that is what i experienced)

then after that create a update order state acion to update your order lockstatus states here

now we gonna adjust some rules so that your order will instantly get the right lockstatus

so you need to add to your existing New Order Adding Rule the update order lock state action you made earlier and type in status unlock

now add same action to the Unlock Ticket Rule here you need to also type in current status lock

and then in my case adjusted the print bill rule as that is the point where i want my tickets being locked, here you then also add the update order lock state action you made earlier but instead of typing in status unlock you type lock

now you need to set the mappings off your buttons you want to be hidden/disabled when order is locked

so as seen in picture above both my enabled and visible states are set to lockstatus=unlock cause i want the buttons to be hidden when orders are locked but if you want them to be just grayed out(disabled) then you put in visible state GStatus=

now your final step wich is also is a important one is to add in your automation command Unlock Ticket a mappings with in visible and enabled states lockstatus=lock and in visibility Orderline

so that was the full setup

now to explain why this is a order lock instead of a table lock setup:
with this setup your orders will be unable to get gifted/void/… or what so ever once you have performed the lock sequence like in my case here it locks all current orders once the bill is printed out but it still lets you add other orders and here is the main difference in the normal lock scenario it will unlock whole table once a new order is added to the table in this configuration it will not as previous orders will still be locked so my waiters in this case can only void/gift/… orders that where added after the ticket was printed out but not those that already existed before it was printed out and only way to adjust those orders is to unlock the orders is whit the unlock ticket button wich in my case is only visible for the manager and admin not the waiters.

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