Disable Ticket Tag when Status is Locked / Paid

Hello, I would like to Disable selection in ticket tag when the ticket has locked or paid status, I created this ticket tag:

when ticket is new I can choose any option:

but when ticket is locked, I can’t disable this button:

I was watching mappings in ticket tags, but it not has enabled states option.

Thanks for your answers

What is your mapping as it is?
You probably want to change the button mapping to say New Orders,Unpaid so that it doesnt show/disables the button on paid tickets like how the one bellow ticket note is.

He is not using command buttons. To do what he wants he should define command buttons and use the actions and automation commands executed event to tag the ticket. He can map to ticket state.

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Arr, good catch, never used tags with an actual mapped button so missed that.

You can’t control ticket tag button visibility but create an automation command button to update ticket tags.

Here is a sample command button configuration.

Clicking this button displays a list of command parameters like ticket tag button.

You’ll need an action to update ticket tag.

… and a rule to update ticket tag based on selection.

Choosing a ticket type should update Ticket Tag.

Now you can fine tune button visibility by using ticket states.


How can you configure states like that with ticket tags there’s not option in mapping? I’m really confused because I would like to implement something similar with my setup

Enabled and visable states.
You can enter values which will be any state with that value or specific state and value.

New Orders
Status=New Orders
Status= (no status is on i like for staff buttons like print last bill - only works while no ticket open.

What he showed is automation commands setup for ticket tags. You can map automation commands to states. He used a command and an action to manipulate the tags instead of defining the mapping from the tag itself.

Im still kind of confused, Isnt there all the default states like New and New Orders? Could you have multiple states at once? All I really want to do is if a entity custom data field = 50 then make an AMC buttonn visible

You can have many states.
You have
State Name -> State -> State Value

You can only have one state for a perticular state name but you can have multiple state names.

I have at least half a dozen ticket states and even more order states.


Omg really? I could do so much with this I think…

Lol yes states are very powerful. I use them for all sorts of interesting automation. You can define which ones show on ticket or not as well.

Is it just me or is this same convo happening over two topics lol. im confused now LOL

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He is on the brink of a very powerful feature understanding.

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Listen to kendash when he sayd states are powerfull.
They are VERY VERY powerfull and are probably the backbone of a sucsessfull system.
WHen you get this your features become more fragmented and indipendent as they are based on their own states rather than trying to match everything to the status state etc.

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Im listening to you both lol. I jsut never realised there was a different state besides status.

You can define any state you want. You can define it’s flow and how to use it. They can be used in just rules to define automation or you can define them to show on tickets for visual queues

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OMG i actually did not know this, ive never seen this menu before

GStatus for one :wink:

These are my states I have defined for showing in report or defining display format on ticket or entity screen.

But you dont even need to define them here, this is only if you want to set formatting etc.

In fact there are states not even listed there. You don’t have to define them unless you want to change a color or show on ticket.

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