Disabling "Cancel" Button When a Partial Payment is Made


I am new to Samba and I have a problem. Here is the scenario:

  1. The cashier takes the order from the customer.
  2. The cashier clicks on “Settle” button.
  3. The cashier enters a partial amount then clicks “Cash”
  4. The cashier clicks on Close.
  5. The system will display the ticket as “New Orders” still.
  6. The cashier select items and then clicks on “Cancel” button.

In this case, the cashier received the money and then cancelled the order. The ticket will not be stored in the database and even the transaction and payments will not be in the system. Therefore, I don’t know that the cashier received the money.

Is there a way to disable the “cancel” button in the order screen when a partial payment is made?

I believe I can add new state called “Partially Paid” and when a partial payment is made the state changes to “Partially Paid” and the cancel button is disabled. However, I am new to this and it would be great if you can show me how to do that step by step.

Thank you very much.

Make a new payment processed rule to add a new custom ticket state for partially paid then constrain the rule for cancel to not happen if the New custom ticket state is set.

Well if your person is doing this to steal money they will just find another way to do it. If they are determined to do it you wont be able to prevent it until you fire them. If you can not trust your cashier to handle money then dont let them handle money. Trying to restrict this through a POS is almost always a waste of time. Instead start logging what they do with payments so you can have documentation when you do fire their butts.


Kendash is right, I mean they could just add up the orders in their head and just ring in one item and cash off and keep difference and there is no way from EPOS side to prevent that other than trustable staff.
TBH how do you know they are doing this? If you know they are doing it why are you still employing them.

Thank you for your responses.

It’s not about stealing money and not trusting the cashiers, but it’s about inventory management and reporting.

I am asking because one of the cashiers received a partial payment but he wasn’t able to close the ticket to get another order. Therefore, he removed all items from the order to close the ticket. This effected the item sales report and the inventory report.

Again, thank you for your quick responses.

Guesd there wasn’t entity or ticket tag selected hence the inability to close.
Tickets cannot be closed without either an entity or a defined ticket tag.
Sounds like it’s nothing to do with cancel or partial payment but just inability to close a ticket?

That’s right. No tag is defined. I was thinking about an option to disable the cancel button since one of the departments shouldn’t receive partial payments and the cashier is supposed the charge the total amount.

Disabling chance will not allow ticket to be closed though… You describe the issue as they couldn’t close the ticket…

The sugestion above still stands that adding a new custom ticket state on first payment to part paid and using that in a constraint on the cancel rule will stop it from working. The button will still show however the rule would not fire so nothing would happen after a payment is made.

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Try setting the departments ticket creation method to select ticket, this allows you to close a ticket and go back to it afterwards for such cases.

No it wont as without a table or ticket tag samba will not allow you to close the ticket.

I can park tickets without an entity or ticket tag when I set my ticket creation method to select ticket?

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Yes select ticket will allow you to close them.