Disaster Recovery Plan

I need help figuring out what I can do for disaster recovery.

Current setup at a restaurant is 1 master station with the DB on it and 4 client stations.
The DB is backed up to Google Drive and I have a script that runs and keeps 15 days in the google cloud.

If the master station was to quit, I would have to re import it on another station and make it the master, then possibly change some other settings, and restart the clients. This could take some time.

Is there a better way?
Seems like with SQL there is a way to have two DB in sync with each other, but this may be over my head.

Any insight helpful, thanks.

You’re on the right track and leaps-and-bounds ahead of most with off-site backups.

When you setup a multi-terminal install, configure two terminals with SQL Server, message server, and whatever you need. The stand-by terminal has all services, utilities disabled.

In the event of the server gives up the ghost, the stand-by can have the services enabled and started, a backup restored, then one just has to modify the connection string and message server address on the remaining terminals.

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There is a way to setup a SQL Mirror that will auto switch. I started to set that up one day with the developer edition but never finished it. I am pretty sure this is not available with Express editions.

I am running SQL server 2014 full version. I will check on that mirroring solution as well.

I do recommend you upgrade to latest SQL Server… running 2014 means you cant support JSON and A LOT of sambapos has been upgraded to use JSON since several versions ago. JSON was added to SQL Server in 2016.