Discount,10% by scanning card

hi there, i am looking for very basic that senior citizen card 15% and Student discount card 10% , when scanning it will automatically will discount, is that possible.thanks

yes, very posible…

:stuck_out_tongue: sorry, couldnt help myself.
Yes, you would obviously need a barcode scanner and something to scan.
You could make barcodes the same or unique but if unique would elther need to be listed somewhere within samba or have a’prefix’ set of numbers so you know what type of card it is.
Depends how complex you want to go and what options for looking at for the barcodes/discount cards themselves.
If all cards had same code its easy.
Rule for number pad value entered
Constraint of numberpad value = the type of voucher
actions to impliment your discount (that part there would be many ways to do)

hi there, thanks for your quick reply, could you please supervise me to do that step by step, i dont know how to do that. thanks

Pretty sure there is tutorial for very similar on the forum, or at least a scan member card.

boss, could you please send me the sample data, so i could install and have a look or if i need your support do i need to pay you for that, please inform me, thanks

First few results on forum if you search.
Not exactly the same but a good start, have a read through these for inspiration.