Discount an item as soon as it is registered, but not to effect entire bill total

Hi All, first of all I wish to thank SambaPOS for such great software. Not only is it brilliant but also better than any of the paid/rental ones I have researched!
My question is, could someone point me in the right direction to this? I want to be able to ring in a single item on a bill and give that item a discount there and the. Then I want to ring in multiple other products on the same ticket at my regular price without any discount being applied. For example; I have a damaged item and I want to sell at 20% discount to a customer. Then the customer wants a few more items and I want to charge them at regular price on the same ticket! I did not know I was going to discount the item until the customer presented it so I have not got a pre-configured discount arranged.
Thank you kindly for any response :smile:

Look at these links to create custom discount buttons

my flow

Add item to ticket

Select/click item on ticket to show additional options

Click discount % or discount amount buttons (ill chose by %) and enter discount % amount (i enter 50%)

item price updated and order tag added with discount %

You could also set up some reasons as to why you are discounting an item.

edit your command button and put a list of possible reasons for discounting an item in the values box as shown below

Add an additional action to your discount rules; an update order status action and set as below in the rule

now when processing a discount you are prompted to select the reason for the discount (i have the same setup for refunds and price changes), then you enter the discounted price or % as shown below

Discount button pressed and options appears to select reason for discount

I click Past Sell By Date

Keypad appears to enter discount (i enter 25%)

Order price is now updated and and order status appears under the item (Past Sell By Date)

RickH, Thanks a million for that. I had actually read that post but didn’t quite understand it. I will try and put it into my Samba tomorrow now that I see how it works. Hope you don’t mind if I come back to you with any issues. Much appreciated :smile:

Forgot to mention… wow that was fast!