DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount


Can you run a test transaction with the %5 discount and try this:

OT.%5 Discount and OTP.%5 Discount instead of `OT.Dish Discount`


did still the same result


Can you show a ticket where the discount was applied?

EDIT: Actually OT.Dish Discount and OTP.Dish Discount should work if that is the exact name of the Order Tag Group. Make sure its exact spaces and spelling.

Also scroll down make sure your viewing the actual transaction that had the discount. Did all of those transactions have discounts?

I just tested your syntax with my system and it worked fine.


Try this syntax it is much cleaner.

[Discount:1,2,2,2,2,2, 2]
>Ticket No|Date|Time|Table|Discount|Percent|Amount
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,EN.Tables,OT.Dish Discount,OTP.Dish Discount,ON.TotalPrice:(OT=Dish Discount)}
Total||||||{REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(OT=Dish Discount)}

This tells it to only show orders that has Dish Discount Order tag. and it only shows the total for orders with Dish Discount Order tag.


yes its working now so i missed the condition (OT=Dish Discount)


That is not a condition its an expression. But yes glad it is working. Remember your Percent column will not show discount percent it will show Discount Dollar Amount.


ya thanks i notice will figure out something


one more thing how can i count how many times 5% Discount was applied in custom reports

%5 Discount 5



 {REPORT ORDER COUNT:(OT=Dish Discount)}


yup made my life simple thanks


@kendash one more thing i would like to total the OTP.Dish Discount

how can do i do that my trying failed :smile:


@madiha Try this:

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:([OTP.Dish Discount]).Sum:(OT=Dish Discount)}


its not showing anything


Oh woops I am sorry this was for another version. It will work in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:


i was surprised such implementation is possible…was happy.
that’s gud its been implemented
but anything for current version 82 ?


hello, how can I change the format of digits for discounts?
I have products that cost the (2 000.00 AOA)
while only discounts allows a maximum value ($ 99.99)
how can I get discounts minimum (1.00) and Maximo (999 000.00) according to the maximum price of the product.

    Bairro Caxila,Cunene - Ondjiva.      
 Tel.925 999 530,943 055 523,929 542 032 
Data: 09/04/2015          Factura Nº: 430
Hora: 16:21        Vendedor:Administrator
Descricao               Qtde    Preço.Unit
COMPAL LARANJA 12x1 L                    
* **** DISCOUNTED - 2 650,1x 2 550,01 AKZ
----------------- Total ------------------
Total Item Discounts           -99,99 AKZ
Subtotal                              AKZ
Taxa de Vendas                   0,00 AKZ
Total   2 550,01 AKZ
Entregue                     2 550,01 AKZ
Troco                            0,00 AKZ
           # Itens Vendidos 1            
---------------- Pagamento ------------- 
Dinheiro                     2 550,01 AKZ
         Nao ceitamos devolucao.         
        Obrigado e Volte Sempre!


Am from kenya, set up my samba pos and its already running.

Now i need the custom amount discount and percentage discount to work.

My custom amount discount will bring the ASK and after i input the amount nothing happens can i get some assistance.


Look through the tutorial again you must have missed a step or have a typo somewhere.


Let me try fixing it up. I have imported the file but i want to see where i made a mistake.


Rule2 - Discount Item NOT zero: (apply Order Tag Discount)
do i have to create this as an automation command?