Discount button on Entity


Trying to set up a custom entity screen that staff can press to load up a range of discount options and a waste complete order button. Have Action > Update ticket calculation for a 10% discount, Rule > Update ticket calculation on automation command Discount 10% and Automation command > Discount 10%. The rule then closes the Entity when a discount is closed.

Discount works on Ticket screen but not within entity screen, is there any way of getting this to apply to the current ticket after loading the entity screen, selecting the discount and then applying it to the whole ticket?


Calculations can only be applied to an open Ticket.

Since your Entity Screen is probably not aware of any open Ticket (because theoretically, there is no open Ticket at the time the Entity Screen is being displayed), then no Calculation will be applied. This is why it works on the Ticket Screen but not on the Nav Screen.

You might need to store some Program Settings to indicate you are in “Discount Mode” and then apply Calculations once a Ticket is opened (Ticket Opened Rule). When you close the Ticket, the “Discount Mode” Program Setting could be toggled Off, or not.

Show the configuration of your Entity Screen, and your Rules with Actions expanded.

Thanks for your reply.