Discount Calculation problem

If I create both a % discount and a fixed amount discount, and add a % discount to a ticket, and later I want to change it to fixed amount discount, the program calculates with the percent discount.

I have a ticket with 10 USD.
I add 20% discount, I will have a ticket total with 8 USD.
I want to add a 3 USD fixed discount, but the calculation results in 9,7 USD ticket total (calculates 3% discount).

Check Calculation Types. You will need 2 types - 1 for Rate (%) and 1 for Fixed Amount, and of course 2 discount buttons: 1 for each type.

… or use Round button for fixed amount discounts.

Yes, I did like this:

2 types:

With settings:
One with rate:

Other with fixed amount:

Two buttons:

Correctly linked:

First I give 20% discount from 2.000 total:

Correctly given 400:

After I would like to give more, 500 fixed amount:

I write 500, press Ft kedvezmény (linked to fixed amount), and I got this: with 10.000 discount, total discount decreases ticket total to -8.000, so all descounts are removed:

I open an other ticket:

Give 500 fixed discount, and it works:

Am I wrong anywhere?

Thanks, this is a solution for now, as I do not need to use rounding, so I renamed rounding to descount fixed, changed transaction type to use discount account… but I think it would be nice if you could fix this somehow.
Thanks again!

You shouldn’t choose same account transaction type for different calculation types. They should have their individual account transaction types. I thought I’ve implemented a validation rule for this but it seems somehow it doesn’t work for you. I’ll check this.

Yes, I created a separate transaction with the same settings, and now it works perfectly… thanks!