Discount does not apply to a specific product

You must make sure that the discount does not apply to some products.
I searched the forum and did not find information.
thanks for the help

Guessing English isn’t you first language?
To do this you would need to use a fix value calculation and update using a math type report expression to calculate a % based on factors relevant such as groupcode or custom product tag;
Something like this;

I use a custom order state set of order added based on a custom product tag to track a wet/dry split and use this for the % discounts we offer to our regular/loyalty members.
That calculation works out to 10% rounded down to 0.05.

The short answer is that Ticket Calculations used for Discounts is not possible for Orders. They are Ticket based not Order Based. You can follow some of the Item based discount tutorials built on order tags DISCOUNTS - Compilation of Many Methods