Discount Item only if barcode scanned


I’ve read a few tutorials on here about tagging products and applying discounts but what I am trying to do is be able to tag individual items on a ticket and then apply a 20% discount only to those tagged items if a barcode is scanned. I am able to discount the whole ticket on barcode scanned but not only tagged items.

Would anyone have any advice please?

Look into using product tags. If you’re already able to add discounts based on barcode scanned, it should be relatively easy to then create constraints to only apply discount to those products having a certain product tag.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to add these constraints, would you be able to give me an idea of what I should be doing?


you could use ticket discount but use a fixed calculation and update with expression that uses only the values of applicable products.
I do this for my food and drink discount loyalty setup and also for llanned eat out to help out in UK
See that topic for ideas

Here’s how I do employee discounts.

I specify DiscountGroup as a product tag (Settings > Program Settings):

I then specify the discount group for certain products:
You can also use product tag editor for bulk edits(Settings > Products > Product Tag Editor):

And for the rule I use the following add calculation action:

In the ‘Amount’ field, the report tag totals all products for the discount group ‘Emp’ that are not voided/comped (ODI stands for Order Decrease Inventory) and is multiplied by .25 to return discount amount.

Thanks all.

In the end I managed to make it work with an order tag that discounts the items selected on the push of a button but set the button to only be visible if a barcode is scanned.