DISCOUNT - Specific Item - Not Working

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Hello there I have tried this tutorial I managed to get everything done but its not calculating the 10% discount can anyone tell me what’s wrong please.

Sure that’s easy your order tag name is not LSL Discount. Looks like you didn’t follow tutorial 100% :slight_smile: you changed something.

Hint your Order Tag Name is LSL Discount --10%–

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Hi @kendash Could be more specific yes my order Tag name is LSL Discount–10%-- its in the LSL Discount Tag group Could you find any mistake with the formula. Could you please tell me where I am making mistake.

Uploading… l

copy tutorial exact then make your Small changes. Not good idea to make changes to tutorial until you get it working.

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Hi Jesse I got it haha it was so easy. Thanks for not letting me know I put pressure on my small mind and saw the tutorial carefully then I got to know why @QMcKay was using 13,2 mine was 15,2. Oh my God I feel so good now. Thank you again :joy:

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Lol I am sorry I was trying to point out that it’s not good idea to make changes in tutorial until you get it working first. But good job catching that I didn’t see it.

This community is great I love it always helpful…