Discount the remainder after a split

Hi is it possible to discount only the remainder of a bill after splitting?

I.e. say i have a bill of £100 and i receive £20 cash, leaving me with £80 outstanding, i then wish to offer a 10% discount on the remaining £80. Currently when i try and discount the remainder it calculates the percentage of the entire bill and applies a £10 discount, not the £8 discount as intended.

Is what im trying to do possible? Its needed for an loyalty scheme where we often have customers who have a nearly full loyalty card whose current purchase will entitle them to the discount. So we say to them pay the £20 to fill your card, then use your discount on the remainder.

You will have to use a method similar to the custom discount tutorials located in the Tutorials category of the forum. You will not be able to use a Calculation because those are Ticket Calculations. Look up Custom Discount and there are multiple tutorials you can use. They all use Ticket Tags and Automation to accomplish it.

Ok thanks, half the battle is knowing where to look on these forums :wink:

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