Discount using order tags availability


hi, i used the discount using order tags tutorial to give a percentage discount on certain drinks. The order tag is “Happy Hour Shooter” which gives a specific discount of a drink. I am trying to make this order tag available only when Happy Hour is available. I tried adding the “HH Store HH Day and Time” actions to the “RU Discount HH1 Shooter” rule. But this did not work.


What rule is that?
Looks like you confusing how automation works.
Pretty sure qs original tag based discount but uses unmapped tags which arent selected but added pragmatically based on time.


That was a rule that i was trying. it did not work anyway. i want to make order tags available between certain times. (ex. 9am-12p)


Order tags on that screen like tht will not be limitable like that.
Why are you using tags?
Explain the offer?


The order tag is “Happy Hour Shooter” which gives a specific discount of a drink. I am trying to make this order tag available only (3pm-6pm) when Happy Hour is available.
(ex. drink of gin= 6.00)
for happy hour i charge a shot of gin for 2.00.
with the “happy hour shooter” order tag i discount the 6.00 drink to total the 2.00 shooter.
but this order tag is available the whole shift.


So either dont map the tag and add tag automatically between those times with an add order tag action or use the simpler order added happy hour and seccond price list method to just set a happy hour price of 2.


I map the the tag for certain drinks
I am looking for the simpler order added happy hour and seccond price list method. is there a link?


I looked but couldnt find the very basic one like what I used for last client with happy hour.
Q’s happy hours are more complex with multi level discounts but the simplest way is;

Create a second HH price definition and set happy hour prices.
Make an order added rule with time based constraints.

[=FD('{ORDER DATE}','ddd')] matches Mon|Tue|Wed|Thur|Fri|Sat|Sun (3 letter day names for days applicable separated by pipe |)
[=FD('{ORDER DATE}','HH:mm')] Greater 18:00 (24hr time for start time)
[=FD('{ORDER DATE}','HH:mm')] Less 21:00 (24hr time for start time)

And in that rule add an update order action with the price tag field carried into the rule setting the HH price tag.

If a HH price is not set in the price list it will just use normal price and orders added on the set days between the set times will be changed to the HH price list price.


You cannot make Order Tag buttons on the Order Tag screen be only available during certain times.

Something like a Shooter, whether it is Happy Hour or not, should not be an Order Tag. It should be a Product, for which you modify the price (or Gift) at certain times.


Hello. I am having the hardest time making the order tag w/discount print on the customer receipt. I have looked at all the topics in regards to services, discounts, and calculations. I understand the concept, but none of the tags I have tried will show the desired results. The order tag is named “Happy Hour Shooter”. It works correctly like the tutorial provided.I just need to calculate the total of the tag on the receipt. Here are screenshots. What am I missing? I researched and really tried to find solution.


Order Tags are none of the above.

There will never be total for your Order Tag, because the Tag Price and Rate are both 0.


Ok. I understand. Will try using order tag with a Tag Price. My problem is I am incorporating too many different ideas from the forum. Thanks for the reply.


One more idea. With my setup,can I show the order tag quantity on the receipt? I tried this also with no results. if i am able to show the quantity of the tag, I can make a formula to calculate the amount. Is showing the quanity possible?


Yes, using Printer Tag {ORDER TAG QUANTITY}



Ok. Tried that tag. Did not work for me. Kept showing me 0. Am I formatting it wrong?


It only works in the [ORDER TAGS] section, in the same way other Tags only work in their respective section, other than Global Tags …

-- Format for Order Tags


{ORDER TAGS TOTAL:X} is a ticket level expression - it looks like you have tag price included in order price. Im pretty sure this results in the order tag itself not having a value - hence why it doesnt show a value next to the tag.


The Order Tag has no Price, that’s why it doesn’t show a value …

He is doing an “inline calculation” using an expression to compute the Product Price. There is no reverse-mechanism for such a thing in a Printer Template…

[=Order.Model.GetVisiblePrice() - ( Order.Model.GetVisiblePrice() * 71.5/100 )]

He should just give the Tag a Price, or in this case, a Rate (of 71.5). Set the Tag Group to be included in Product Price or not depending on preference, and get rid of the Order Tagged Rule altogether - it is not necessary if the Tag has a Price/Rate.


QMcKay, you are correct about the inline calculation. This works great for my application. I am still having a problem with the {ORDER TAG QUANTITY} expression. It is not showing the total quantity of the order tags that I use to calculate the “Happy Hour Shooter”. I added the line you recommended and it still does not calculate the quantity. Is there another expression that could specifically address the order tag?


Copy/paste your Template here.