Discounts Not Working Properly in 5.1.57

There seems to be a problem when adding discounts on 5.1.57, When ever i add a discount either Trader 15% or Voucher 10% offer or any other off it won’t close table and when i take payment it goes through the sale then the table re-appears after sale without discount. Can’t add screen shots as yet but it only happens when i update 5.1.57 even when i restore a back-up it also happens, every update has worked since 4.1.57 up to yet so i know it’s not my Setup. Suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

So at the moment i am with Version 5.1.54 and staying their until the discount situation is resolved just thought i would pass on information… just in case the error has not been brought to any ones attention…

By the way great going Emre and Guys…

It’s all very appreciative of what you all do…

We need to know what discount configuration your using. I hope you understand how hard it is to know what the problem could be without seeing the configuration you have done.

We need to see how you setup rules etc.


Unfortunately, there are several methods to apply discounts, so we really need to see screenshots of your setup to know how it is implemented.

If you can point to the reference or Tutorial that you used to implement your discounts, this would help too.

Are they Ticket-level or Order-level? Using Ticket Tags? Order Tags, Ticket Calculations? Fixed? Rate?

As an example, I use Fixed Order-level discounts, implemented via Order Tags. This setup works just fine.