Display all ticket by driver

Hi @emre

I have done Custom Package Delivery for V5 and it is working, my question is how can I till the driver this order is payed or not?

Is there a way to display all orders delivered by a driver and how I can settle them at the end of the driver shift? can I settle all orders in one click?

I would like to something like this:
Driver 1 done 12 orders cash 152 credit card 250
List of orders for driver 1

Driver 2 done 9 orders cash 90 credit card 178
List of orders for driver 2

It would be more tricky to cash all the tickets off on one press but a show ticket list could list all tickets by state or tag for example if you added a driver state/tag (not sure on the other parameters).
A report would easily give driver sumary and could do with a report widget for use in POS or set to print a driver summary report for example.

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