Display Customer name instead of Phone number

After the customer changed the Primary Field in the Entity type to Phone, when they search open ticket, it shows Phone number in stead of the customer name. Is there any way that we can amend this field to show name?



The entity is identified by its primary field - no matter what one calls it. As for the internals of SambaPOS, it is considered the “Name”. It may not be the customer’s name, but for all intents and purposes it’s the name of the entity.

In the ticket display, the entity’s primary key will be displayed - the entity’s “Name”.

When using the default entity search, one searches by the primary key (“Name”) and one will see the entity custom fields.

Is there anyway to amend the ticket search to also show Entity Field Name? This is for the ticket search not for customers search…

If it’s searching for a customer here:

then there is no way I know of to search by custom fields.

You can create your own ticket explorer entity screen and put any fields you want to display. Here is a link to creating your own:

I suggest reading through the whole topic first to understand what the user wanted. If you do want to create it, start at post #26 (I made a few starting posts, #26 is the whole version.)

It does not work exactly like the default ticket explorer, but has the same functionality.


I mean it will search for all opened ticket and just have the " EC.. to be displayed instead.

Is there anyway to configure what I need to show in here?

Thanks… I will try to see. Will it has the display function to click and link to the order page? or this is just the report?

Columns and the search function for the default ticket lister are hard-coded so you won’t be able to search by a custom field.

Yes, you can display the ticket by clicking on button (it will not be under the row, like the default ticket lister, but rather it can be placed anywhere on the screen. You could also put a “Print Ticket” button on the screen if you like.

It will be using a report but instead of a normal report (like the reports in the Reports section), it will be using a Table View report. Think of it as a report on steroids. There are many, many options available in a Table View Report, such as: selecting rows, sort columns on the fly, alternate colors for rows, use conditional formatting for cells or rows, search displayed columns/rows, hide columns, and much more.

Hi Bobe,
In your sample screen 26, you have the options of " Sales Ticket Type" but I don’t have in mine. Can you please tell me how configure this ticket type?



You have to add Ticket Types, Manage > Tickets > Ticket Types

Sales Ticket is what I use, you are going to want to use the ticket types you have listed on your screen shot.

Take some time to envision what fields you want to have shown in the report. A few suggestions would be:

  • Ticket Type
  • Ticket Status
  • Customer Name (do you want the whole name in one column, or split it into 2 different columns. 2 different columns gives the ability to sort by first name or last name
  • Amount
  • Order info, quantity, item, price
    (this is not a complete list, just some suggestions)

Post what you have done for your report (after pasting in reply box, click the </> button. This will prevent the forum from stripping out special characters, making it easier for us to read.)

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Hi Bob_be
Thank you for your help. I am not able to follow this function, perhaps I am too stupid. Samba is a great system but it is very difficult to customize especially when I have a very little knowledge in computer.


Think of it as learning how to use the tools you need for your job. Same way a painter knows what brushes and type of paint to use for different materials.

SambaPOS is really extensive and has a lot of moving parts that allow for this level of customization. You are not stupid, we all had to go through this huge learning curve to be able to build all this custom automation and features. And even after years of using it, you still find things you didn’t know existed or can be done.

Where exactly are you stuck? With creating new Ticket Type?

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Hi Posflow,

Basically, my customer has a problem when they try to search the customer name and when they add the same name, the system didn’t allowed. So, I changed the Primary Field name to Phone. However, when they search tickets, in the customer column show number not the name and I don’t know how to customized this.

To make the customer show name. Then Bob_be show me form his previous post, I try to follow the step but I am not able to do it. I have spend week to do this. The customer want to change back to their old system and I just try hard to make this to work. I don’t know the easiest way to do…


I am not good in computer and I just try and try and it is not working…

I think I figured out how to do this now. Thx

I think what Bob_be tried to convey was that what you are asking cannot be done using default out of the box ticket lister. And that you will have to spend some time creating a custom one, like he did in that post, following his tutorial and just adding on top of his tutorial what you actually want to see and what is important for you or for your client.

I think the easiest thing for you would be to add Ticket Tag on ticket closing rule or update Ticket Note on ticket closing rule.

:warning:Test on your own database first :warning:
:warning:Make a backup first :warning:

Create new script
Name: NOTE Update Script
Handler: @update

function note(varNote,varId)
sql.ExecSql("UPDATE [Tickets] SET Note = '"+varNote+"' WHERE Id = "+varId+"");

Add Execute Script Action in your Ticket Closing Rule.
Constraint: '{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Full Name}' != ''
Function: @update.note('{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Full Name}\r\r{NOTE}','{TICKET ID}')

Make sure you replace {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Full Name} with the name of your field
{ENTITY DATA:Customers:xyz}



As @Posflow has mentioned there is a huge learning curve. We all have gone through what you are feeling. Do not give up. Just take a little step at time.

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Thx… very much… I will try…