Display format of order line

I wondered if there was any existing way I can do it

Not what your asking for but I was asking if that feature is added how would you use that? I mean what would trigger the language change? Or is it based on terminal or user?

I ask because perhaps we can think of something that might work but we need a little more info on how you plan to use it.

I think it would be good to have a “display format” for order line, which also supports having tags for display only.

So there isn’t anything I would plan for having language change, I just want the order line to display a few tags instead of just {NAME}. If I look at how display format works on states, where I can change color or formatting to name / price / quantity, possibly that could be extended however I would want ability to have as default, not dependant on state. Another good example is how we can change format and add tags for entity name display.

I am kind of struggling visualizing how that would look. So you want the English name and maybe another language on same order?

I think I get what your asking for now. Yes that is not possible right now. Sounds like a decent idea though.

Ok. Yeah I just want to be able to modify what is displayed for the order line name, without affecting anything else. So for my example, here is a typical product:

Product Name: Chicken Rice Soup
Item Tag: Chinese Name: 鸡肉汤米粉
Item Tag: Product Code: 005a

I want it all stored separately. So maybe the chef doesn’t read English, kitchen receipt just uses Product Code & Chinese Name. Customer receipt maybe just uses Product Code and Product Name (English) - or the I might have the Chinese name on a separate line on the receipt. This works fine everywhere until you get to the order line which only allows the Product Name (and Portion) to be displayed and no customisation is possible, other than style formatting.

In my example screenshot in my first post, you can see the Chicken Rice Soup button would typically be how all buttons will be displayed (I also posted about that separately, a sort of similar idea - Menu Item button display format). And that works well for staff who can either read English or Chinese and also shows product code which is quite typical in some restaurants. But once you select that item, you lose the code and Chinese name on the order line, so is confusing for any staff who can’t read English.

@Jesse as you say I think you get it now, but anyway I hope that just clarifies my point more.

It would be nice to have but kitchen staff use print ticket or task printer or ticket lister. Customers use printed ticket or browser printer and server use order/ticket screen or ticket lister.

Only issue was server who can’t read English. The rest you can use item tag everywhere, printer, ticket lister, task printer.

And multi language maybe out in less than a year.

Yes, this is the reason. Apparently they have some staff can only read Chinese and some can only read English. Anyway being able to edit the order line display has other benefits besides this I believe. I could imagine in retail, you might want to show the SKU of the product in the order line, but not necessarily want the SKU in your product name, etc.

I’m aware can use the item tags elsewhere, which I setup already. But I don’t want to be forced to have to rename all products with both languages just so I can have the order line show in both languages.

This is not related to multi language

I’m thinking I could implement something temporary using hidden order tags. So I could have a rule adding an order tag that would contain the contents of {ITEM TAG:Product Code} and {ITEM TAG:Chinese Name} to each order that is added, and update printer templates to make sure that order tag never gets printed. Won’t look perfect but should work.

Do you see any issues using an order tag like a note like this?

I was going to suggest Order Tags as well. The only “problem” is that you can’t change the font size to make them larger. You can change their color however, so that may help somewhat.

You could experiment with the new Order Line Separator feature…

On the Event for Order Added, you could fire the Update Ticket Line Separator or Update Order Separator Action to add a separator with virtually any content you want.

I don’t quite understand the difference between these, but there appear to be 2 similar Actions pertaining to Separators:

I saw these earlier and also considered, however I would imagine if an order line is deleted (cancel / void), it is not going to be as straightforward to remove the separator line and also to keep it in the correct place.

Update Order Separator is for moving an order line under an existing order separator. I also don’t fully get it (would need to play with first) but Emre explained it here https://forum.sambapos.com/t/sambapos-5-1-58-refresh/8906/25.

EDIT: this seems to work for VOIDs …

Using Automation Command Executed Events…

We can also use Order State Updated Events to do the same thing…

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Im sure I raise a similar question not so long ago as to {TAGS} working on order line state formatting like they do on entity display state formatting?
This I beleive would allow @markjw to achive his aim.
All I was wanting to do was format product name and portion like I have on receipts as {PRODUCT NAME} {PORTION} rather than showing with the dot before portion.

I tried using $1 rather than {0} which is what I had to do with entity state formatting to get report tags etc to work;

However order state seems to ignore if $1 is used.

If {0} is used it causes a glitch of no display for description;

I made the $1 small as found that $1 had to be used somewhere in the formatting field for entiies if all tags were {TAG} etc.

I was trying to get the same flow using Ticket Separator instead of Order Separator, but it does not seem to work properly. It appears to have something to do with the Key not being generated …

@emre, is this a glitch or by design?

Here I Cancel Large Water (Grande), but instead of using Order Separator, I use Ticket Separator, but the wrong separator is disappearing …

I set this up exactly like Order Separators, which I showed in a previous post …

Yeah I had the same problem.

Also, any way I can get rid of the close (x) on the right side of each separator line? And can I reduce the vertical margin on the separator so I can have it closer to the corresponding order line?

Did you ever get Order State formatting to work?

I also tried to change the size of the product name by using formatting such as <size 30>{NAME} {PRODUCT NAME} $1 and other tags into the Display Format similar to how Entity state formatting works but with no success.

it works for Quantity Format but not Display Format it seems.

On small tablets those order lines can become too small for big fingers and also not so easy to read.

Yes I did, posted my formats on the forum somewhere… although dont think {} tags worked the others did.
If not $1 try {0}

Have you tried changing the scaling in the local settings for tablets?

I read through those postings and didn’t find any working format string example, only formats that were tried and failed i think, as i tried changing font size with no success.

What Tags worked for you?

Yer but your post means nothing, dont try and get attention by posting with links of other threads, it doesnt help.

As I said I didnt get {} tags working however size and colour work as expected…
You must not have read whole topic as showed my formats, question was on {} tags not soze/colour etc which work fine.

If not changing size/colour your doing it wrong so show what your doing, not a mind reader :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was linking to other thread for Emre’s or any other user’s convenience. Just trying to be helpful as well as finding an answer.

Ahhh. didn’t see that image before … let me try that. just a minute!

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