Display format of order line

Yer but your post means nothing, dont try and get attention by posting with links of other threads, it doesnt help.

As I said I didnt get {} tags working however size and colour work as expected…
You must not have read whole topic as showed my formats, question was on {} tags not soze/colour etc which work fine.

If not changing size/colour your doing it wrong so show what your doing, not a mind reader :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was linking to other thread for Emre’s or any other user’s convenience. Just trying to be helpful as well as finding an answer.

Ahhh. didn’t see that image before … let me try that. just a minute!

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i tried your example and no joy my side.

this is what i want to do:

actually i made it size 32 to see if it gets huge. The Quantity changed size but the product name remains the same size with it’s normal formatting having the portion joined as suffix after a dot.

This is only one case i was just trying now, but i tried numerous simpler formatting strings before and they all do nothing.

Be sure to copy the formatting to the Submitted Order State as well. Your format as shown will only affect Orders with “New” Order State.

Because your still trying to use thew {} tags, these dont work which is the subject of the topic.

This is my new format on dark theme.

Also note I have a custom formatting state flow.
Using default state flow will need different name and state name to match the default order states.

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Tag processing speed improved after that request originally posted so I added Printing Tag support for next .61 update.

It displays Turkish labels under product name.

That works only for Display Format and you need to use Double braces not to infer with {0} formatting. If you use {PRODUCT NAME} instead of {0} you can use single braces.


@Emre That’s fantastic! Having that extra TAG functionality in order line display format is going to be very useful in my restaurant here in Thailand where we use 4 languages. Looking forward to the .61 update … Thanks!

I tried to follow the syntax of emre, but this is what I get:

my definition of the format is as follows:

Try this instead:

{{ITEM TAG:Chinese Name}}

Also, ensure you actually have a Custom Product Caption defined that is named “Chinese Name” and remember it is case-sensitive.

Keep in mind too that this functionality is only available in .61 which is still in Beta and not yet released. Version 5.1.60 does not have this feature.


Thanks, looks like have wait til the .61 is out then. The trial version I have is the one in the current download link so I assume it is the 5.1.60 version. Please do announce the release.