Display payment screen closes when Total and Charged amount is equal

It is very strange that when I enter the total and charged amount is equal, when I press a payment type (cash or pin) then the Display payment screen closes (and it prints a kitchen receipt, not a normal ticket receipt… WHY?

I dont want that the payment display sreen closes. How can I fix this?

I don’t use the payment screen at all, I have fast cash buttons setup on the main post screen, but it would make sense to me that if you have paid the ticket and there is no outstanding balance then the payment screen would close, there’s nothing left to pay so no need for the payment screen

Why do you need the payment screen to stay on the screen once the ticket is paid?

Because I have a print bill button on my payment screen.

Add the Action for Execute Bill Print Job to the Rule called Ticket Payment Check. This will cause the Bill to be printed when the Total and Charged amount are equal.

You can also create an Action that prompts to print the bill or not, giving you a choice…

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Thank you all. I fixed it :slightly_smiling:
Nice one to ask for a print!!