Display Popup Timeout

Has the suggestion of a timeout on Display Popup action be raised?
Couldn’t find anything on forum, anyone come up with a solution for anything similar?

Solution for what? What are you trying to do?

To use display popup action for notifying of event but have a time out so that they don’t built up like the module activation pop ups in v4

They are designed to be clicked. What kind of notification?

He just wants a feature to have them disappear automatically after a set duration, rather than being required to click on them to dismiss them. Not a bad idea. Could be a feature added to Show Message action as well.

Even Ask Question action could have this feature, using a default button selection after given timeout.


Exactly, if it could be applied to all would be awesome.
Having the change ask question time out would be nice.

I understand what he was wanting I was trying to understand what he was doing to see if we have options to do something now.

I agree it would be a good idea for a timeout function.

Amongst other things I want to setup notifications if there is any issue with the script/intergration link.
Alsoa time out on change message etc would be good.

Its less about not needing to click it but not having them build up if say the internet went down overnight. Like how these module activation popups do in v4 if you leave computer you end up with like 50 popups up and off the screen on the right.

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Changed your topic to request since that’s really what it is. Helps Emre track these kind of things.


I could use this feature as well. The only way to close it by click it but it will execute automation command.

Or can we have dismiss button so it just close without execute automation command?

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