Display second line on ticket header

i am in a pinch atm,
i cant figure out how to display a second line on the ticket header where it shows the customer is selected.
also i tried to avoid it and go with subtitle but i couldnt find a way to access entity data there, and in ticket lister {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Name} doesnt wanna work either.

so if anyone can shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks.

@ekliptomax this should do for you [<C00>{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]

Good Luck

im sorry, i dont understand which of the three situations i should put this in? i tried them all but maybe if i knew where i can play with it more.
Many thanks

[quote=“windinghouse, post:2, topic:1248”]
[<C00>{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]
[/quote] should be in the ‘Format’ box at the top of the ticket lister settings.

This should then display the customer name on Tickets in Ticket Lister. This works the same as ‘Printer Templates’ so if you wanted the same result on your Kitchen Tickets you could add the [<C00>{ENTITY NAME:Customer}] into your printer template for the kitchen.

Hope that helps

worked amazingly, thnx @windinghouse, much gratitude.

now only if i can get a second line in the ticket header.
@emre, @JohnS, would you mind giving me a minute to help me out.

Many thanks.

Using Display format for Entity Type might solve your problem.

You can type custom field names in Square brackets.

… and ticket header displays :

You can use {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Phone} tag for subtitle action but not directly. Configure action’s title as a variable like [:Title] and set variable value with a tag from a rule such as Ticket Entity Changed

Can you explain in more detail what you need to do?
As far as adding another line under Customer Name at the top of the ticket, this can’t be done. But you can add more above that in the Subtitle Ticket Header.

yes, Subtitle Ticket Header is great @JohnS what tag would i use, and which action?

Install free Subtitle Module form SambaMarket.

Configure an action like this.

Call it from a rule. For example.

Many many many thanks to the lot of you.
windinghouse, JohnS, and emre.
very much appriciated

also if anyone else is wondering how to line break or break line in ticket subtitle header, you can use \r.
just so it may help someone else.

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