Display Ticket List - Change Format

Hi SambaPOS Developers,

I know V5 is out any day :wink: so I am sure you are busy with that but can I ask for a little option to be considered somewhere down the line.

I am using the “Display Ticket List” action to display Open Tickets directly on the Ticket window. The only problem with this is that I cannot format the content of this facility. The Ticket number is displayed in a large font but the Table number is tiny, especially on a 8" tablet

To be able to format the contents of this would be great.

I did try using a custom entity screen and use the Ticket Lister Widget but the user was always returned to that custom screen when they were done with the ticket. I don’t want that that to happen, I want the user to stay on the ticket screen. If someone knows how I can achieve that I would love to hear their ideas but being able to format this facility would also be a good feature

Keep up the great work


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You can fully customise your own ticket lister screen with V5 using the additional scripting and formatting thats abailable to format it pretty much how you want

Ill try and find pictures of mine and post them later :slight_smile:

This is my ticket lister for bar tabs


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When it is getting released ?

Loads of patience so far… Almost everyday most of us login to the forum and searching for news of v5

Only you guys give us the good news…

envious :cry:

Can’t wait

Still dont know Emre is finishin some updates before he does a public release, last we heard was it shouldnt be too long but no specific time frame yet

Lots of work has gone into it and he wants it to spot on when released, we are currently on version 40 of V5

I believe the Ticket List is an old feature and I’m not sure how many people actually use it… I know I use it regularly to display Unpaid Tickets - very often in fact. I wish I could figure out how to Merge tickets from the list, the way you can do when you select an Entity that has more than 1 open Ticket.

I second the motion to have the Ticket List formatting be made customizable - perhaps it could even be replaced with the Ticket Lister Widget itself.

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