Display Ticket List Simple Configuration Help

Im trying to have an AC button that easily takes user from ticket order screen to Ticket List screen as shown below. Currently its very annoying when splitting tickets you have to keep exiting screen and selecting table again to see all split tickets for that table. I have the action “Display Ticket List” setup as shown below but when ran it only exits to tables entity screen. What am I doing wrong?

@QMcKay I noticed you were using this action in one of your forum posts. Do you know what I could possibly be doing wrong? All I want is a way to easily navigate back to all tickets screen as shown above. When ticket is split its super annoying to have to go back to entity screen just to reenter right back to that entity to view newly split tickets.

I am not clear on what it is you are trying to achieve. It sounds like you have Ticket creation Method set to Select Entity, so when you click Close on the Ticket List, it is going to take you back to the Tables screen unless you create Automation to do otherwise.

As you can see from that Action, you can supply the Entity Type and Entity Name, so maybe when you select a Table (ie. selecting a Ticket from that screen will trigger the Ticket Opened rule), store the Type and Name in a Local Program Setting. When you close the Ticket, have it invoke the Display Ticket List action and supply the stored Program Settings. At some point in time, you will need to have a way to clear those Program Settings - perhaps when you click your Automation Command button in the first place.

Please break down your intended flow step by step - which buttons you click, where it takes you, and where you want it to take you instead.

Hey sorry about the confusion.

When there are multiple tickets in one entity, I want an automation command on ticket screen that takes me to the screen with all the tickets for that entity. So I created a AC and when it’s executed that action I posted above runs. I expected that action to navigate to all of the tickets for that entity.

Currently if a waitress splits a ticket and she wants to navigate to the other tickets for that entity, she has to exit ticket screen and click table entity button again. So I am trying to make it easier by putting a button on ticket screen that they can press to show them all other tickets for that table.

Thanks a lot for your help as always