Display wincor nixdorf BA/63 USB

I want to connect a USB display Wincor Nixdorf.
The problem is that I do not know how to show it in the program.
Is there a way to connect it? for example by creating a virtual serial port?

Hello @spanky. How you’ll use this display?

I connect it via USB, but I can not install it as a USB printer!
I do not understand what kind of door to create.

Oh I see. This is a customer display :slight_smile:

Its driver software should create a virtual port for access. Once you determine which port it is you’ll create a port printer and set printer share name as the port. The port name can be COM3, COM4, USB1, etc…

It does not have drivers on the manufacturer’s website!
It means that you can not connect?

Since we connect to displays through serial port you’ll need usb to serial conversion driver of that device or a device that supports serial connection. I think you can get better information from seller.

therefore, not having the driver can not connect?
because if so I do not lose time!

@spanky I think you won’t be able to use this one. If possible change it with a serial model.

thanks emre,
I’ll have to change the display

These pole displays seem proprietary and are to be used with POS Engines - computers that are designed to be used for pos solutions and provide high power 12v to serial devices like pole displays, printers and cash drawers.

Maybe you are better off finding a more generic pole display with an external power supply.

The USB version may work but there is very little information about the display.

Indeed! why do not we create a section where you list all the compatible devices such as:
printers , monitor , pole dispaly

Printers: All ESC/POS Emulated thermal printers supported.
Pole Displays: All Pole Displays that supports serial connection supported.
Monitors: I don’t know if there is a non compatible monitor.

@spanky I think the problem with your display is it is designed to work as a part of a Nixdorf POS system. In addition to @JohnS comment it supports a specific command set that I never saw on any pole display before.

@spanky wincor nixdorf BA/63 USB is LED costumer display.
that kind of display its only for specific PC monitor P.O.S. system + costumer display. so u cannot just simply plug in the usb and use it… u need specific POS system, so far i know it’s include with the mainboard that support with costumer display…

Hi all,
this wincor customer display, using OPOS command, and you have to install the OPOS driver from wincor,
but i’m not sure, SambaPOS able to use OPOS command method, (CMIIW)

SambaPOS uses ESC/POS. OPOS is not supported.