Displaying orders


Hi all

just wondering how to setup program to display orders like these:

1 toasted bagel 3,00
1 toasted bagel 3,00
1 muffin 2,50
1 toasted bagel 3,00

instead of that:

3 toasted bagel 9,00
1 muffin 2,50

so each lines always separated if possible,
thanks in advance


It’s in print job options at the top as to how orders are merged.
Not sure if it would split out if you entered 3xorders on screen but should do.


Display where? The POS Ticket Screen? Kitchen Display? Customer Display? Bill Print? Order Print?


thx for you reply.
on the order screen, where I can add orders, discounts, move etc



That’s cool thank you.
does the same work on V3 to?


No idea. Probably. Try it and let us know.


Just checked on mine old pc. there are no ticket settings in program settings…
any other way? should be brilliant.
thanks in advance


Fairly certain that option has been available for a very long time. Look for it elsewhere in Settings, such as Local Settings.

This is not a V3 support Forum since very few people here have ever used V3. This Forum is primarily focused on V5.


Thank you very much
will seek for it


Didn’t find any setup for it.
If someone has solved pls share it


Upgrade to v5 and you will solve it.


Thx. will do.
is it possible V3 data migrate to V5?


In theory yes by updating to V4 then v5 but generally it’s reconmended to rebuild in v5