Displaying pre-order ticket causes pre-order ticket type to persist on subsquent ticket creation

Ticket creation behaviour follows what has been programmed.

However, as soon as a pre-order ticket is viewed the pre-order ticket type persists on all subsequent ticket creations. When departments are swapped the ticket type returns to what is expected.

THe only automation that fires when viewing a pre-order ticket is to change the menu depending on if the pre-order will be for pickup or delivery. I’ve disable this automation and the behaviour does not change.

I have tried adding automation on ticket closing to change active ticket type to the type for the respective department but no dice.

ANy thoughts?

It seems we may be dealing with two different issues. So there are ticket types and then there is mark ticket as preorder. They can be the same or can be two different things.

It looks like the issue your having is with ticket types not specifically preorder ticket setting.

Usually when you need to set a ticket as preorder you would use automation to modify that ticket not actually use a seperate ticket type.

If you need to use a ticket type for it then we can work on that flow. As you found it can be tricky if your trying to swap ticket type in the fly.

It’s not swapping ticket type. It’s displaying an existing ticket. The ticket type is Pre-Order and in the pickup department.

PreOrder = 1 in the db

Changing the ticket-type to pre-order happens in automation on ticket close when ticket state Pre-Order = PRE-ORDER

Ok so I am a little confused. Let me read everything again. Your saying if your in that department with ticket type A and you view a ticket from that department that is ticket type B then any tickets after that get entered as ticket type B?

Ok I get it. The preorder has nothing to do with it. We are dealing with ticket type issue. Give me moment I will explain.

Thanks, Jesse


So i have ran into this behavior before. I am not sure if it is a bug or just something that happens and we didnt anticipate. In theory it should default back to the default ticket type for that department. Let me write some more details for you and ways i solved it in the past.

I’ve got triggers in-place right now for today’s service changing ticket to a pre-order department so they don’t show on pos entity screen.

If you can point me in the right direction it’d be appreciated.

THanks for your reply. Unfortunately, looking at the translation, I don’t see anything that applies to my situation.

It’s a difficult thing. It should reset to
Default ticket type for that department. Let me explore this further.

Okay. Thanks!

I do realise this is a rather fringe-case scenario.