Displaying price on product buttons

At the moment we can display the price of a product on the button by using $2 in the product header field

HOWEVER this only seems to display the default price, if you have different price definitions the button price doesnt update so you end up with a button saying one price and then when the order is added it is charged at another price

Can the $2 be linked to the price definition instead of the default/main price so that when the price definition is changed the button prices update to reflect the current price list that is currently active?


Any update if this can be done??

Maybe try and see if {PRICE:X} will work, maybe it could be possible to set a ticket tag or state with the price definition as part of your automation to specify the price tag and do something like {PRICE:{TICKET STATE:PriceTag}}

I tried { PRICE: } but that doesn’t work

You can use SQL to do it.

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