DIY alarm for a kitchen printer

Has anyone know how to make an alarm for kitchen printer?


Its usually in your Windows printer settings Settings > Devices > Printer Properties > Device Settings. Depends on the brand of the printer

Yes, I know.
What I want is to add another alarm, also someone mention can DIY.
[ready made is expensive]

You can buy printer buzzers fairly cheap on Amazon.

You can use these and add a rj11 end to it

After buying this.
Where to connect to?
Hope you are able to help next?

You are most likely have to solder it into your thermal printer’s board

Do u know where to solder to?

just connect it to an rj11 and it plugs into the rj11 socket on the back of the printer

or buy a ready made one and just plug and play

That one is the first when I searched and is £9.99

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HI RickH.

  1. Where did u find this?
  2. Do u know which are the 2 wires connected to?

Thanks for the great help.

i just googled printer buzzer and it was one of the first results, get one with the rj11 already connected and all you need to do is plug it into your printer and then look at the printer settings to set when you want it to beep