Do 3 wireless thermal printer of the same brand works together? Anyone had experience of this?

Greetings everyone~

I’m planning to buy 3 of the same wireless printer. Anyone had experience with this before? Will it interfere with each other?

Recommend wired wherever possible - just more reliable.

As for your question, they should work fine, wifi is a network, each device connects back to router via the network and gets an IP Address.
You may need to either enable DCHP as have had printers which came with static IP or preferably change the static IP’s to be different and on the same IP range as the rest of your network.

If they are all on the same static IP - Yes but other than that - NO
You will most likely already have many wireless devices and they work right? phones, laptops etc…

Still to my first point, if you can (even at some effort) wire them with Cat5/Network cable I would recommend it.
You change your wifi password, name or router you will need to reconfigure all of them for one. Also more likely to have issues at some point using wireless over wired.

Wireless thermal printers will work fine if that’s what you truly want to do. The only thing is you have to connect each thermal printer at the beginning to the network alone. One by one,… This is because if you buy exact same brand, they will have exact same configuration. Which means they will have exact same IP address at the beginning.

So what you would have to is connect each printer individually, then go to printer IP address, and assign an IP address of your choice(this will be a static IP address) save it, then connect the next one and do the same thing. Do this for all your WiFi printers, then once its configured, you should be able to use them.

Also make sure you have all 3 printers installed on your systems and assigning a unique name to each one.