Do any answer to this problem have been foound?

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I’m interested in knowing if this topic has found any solution (me too I’m from Italy and I’ve got the same problem).
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It is not clear from the post you linked what your actual problem is. If you just link to an old topic it’s unlikely you will get much help from people on the forum.

Can you please explain exactly what problem you have?

Hi Markjw,
I’m in the need to apply a service charge based on a fixed amount per seat (for example, given a charge of 1.50€, a table for 10 people will pay a total of 15€). This price has to appear on the ticket as a separate voice (following the way explained in that old post, it wasn’t listed and was equally splitted among the other charges).
Hope to have been clearer, this time.
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Actually, it isn’t split between the other charges, it only looks like that for convenience of doing splits. This is the way SambaPOS will display for any calculations (tips, service charge, discounts, etc.) added on ticket. In the actual receipt and accounting / reports, it will be shown separately.

Now, the screenshots on that post are all pretty much correct, except the Update Ticket Calculation action needs to have an expression for the amount. I think [={TICKET TAG:NameOfYourTag}*1.50] would work.