Do you have to buy V5 License before you can Synchronized Client Terminals to the Server

Do you have to buy V5 License before you can synchronized Client Terminals to the Server.

I have successfully install my Samba V5 on the server but the client cannot communicate with the server database.

Did you install SQL Express?
Default installer installs LocalDB SQL which is only suitable for single terminal.
SQL Express is required for multi terminal setup and then you can change data-string to point to the computer hosting the SQL Express.

No any issues you have with setting up will not be related to license. You can use SambaPOS V5 in trial mode unrestricted up to 500 tickets.

Yes working perfectly

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What are some of the Restriction after the 500 tickets

It will pop up an anooying message telling you to activate
though im yet to see said message even though ive past the 500 tickets

No, what it does is when you add an item, it asks you to click the pop up to add the item to the ticket.


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