Does Ticket Tag no longer allow closing the ticket?

Have I missed something?
Does Ticket Tag no longer allow closing the ticket?

Have changed to most basic flow to test;
TEST button tagging ticket with TEST
Default Close button… doesnt close

SORRY… Forgot to define the Ticket Tag in the Tickets settings.

Hi @JTRTech ive tried creating a database tools task to import the switch user setup, but when testing it on a fresh database i have this same issue with the ticket not closing, even when i have a ticket tag assigned as the current user logged in it still wont close with the default close button

so when keying in the switch users pin, nothing happens it isnt even updating the ticket tag to Hold:Held, if there are no orders on the screen then the switch works perfectly, its when orders are added it wont switch, any ideas?

No orders wouldn’t be switch user as nothing to hold. Would just ve close and login.
My issue above was I hadn’t defined the ticket tag in ticket tags which is needed to make close with ticket tag work.
Also my switch user setup didnt take pin in keypad, it has a button which was hold and logout, then they swipe at login screen. Although had planned to check numberpad input.

I sorted it i wondered why on my system it was working an its because i have other ticket tags that are assigned to the ticket, which are defined in the ticket settings so allowed the ticket to close

on a fresh install i dont have those and didnt have one defined for the switch user setup, just added it and now works perfect, though i was losing my mind haha

Have you made it switch from numberpad value entered rather than a switch user/hold logout then?

yea so i can either key in the user pin on the menu numberpad if that setting was on, otherwise swiping a card or i use the rfid’s like you

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I had been meaning to add that to mine.

You might like this if you havnt dont something similar already.
Have been meaning to work out for long time.
As well as the user who started the held ticket getting reminder they have a held ticket at login, I have also added a red prompt for all users if a ticket has been on hold for more than 10 minutes, ie put on hold and forgotten so not gone to kitchen etc;

Constraint for current user reminder of hold ticket;

[=TN('{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TS.Status=Hold) AND (TT.Hold=[:UserName]) AND 'IsClosed=false'}')] > 0

Constraint to remind all after 10 minutes;

[=TN('{REPORT TICKET COUNT:'IsClosed=false' && (TS.Status=Hold) && GetTicketStateDuration("Status") > 10}')] > 0

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