Don't auto-capitalize email addresses

Because SambaPOS won’t gernate an automatic primary key for an entity I have decided to use an email address as the primary key. But when creating a new customer the email address we start typing before clicking “New Customer” gets capitalized when we are taken to the create entity screen… > becomes > John@Tankha.Com

Can we add logic to only change the capitalization if the text does NOT contain an @ symbol?

I guess thats just for your cosmetic use because the case in an email address does not matter?

It does not matter if you are using the Email Address to send an Email, but when you are trying to match the field to something else (ie. in Automation, which is how @mjb2000 is using it), then it matters.


Maybe I’m living in the past, but I thought on some email platforms the case was important (particular in the linux world where A != a . But yes, it’s mainly from a matching and cosmetic point of view - I print the email address on recipts and it just looks ‘weird’ and as @QMcKay ssys, it could be a pain when it comes to matching entity records.