Don't sell below product price rule for pizzas with negative price order tags

Hi everyone, I’m setting up pizza menu with toppings some has negative price order tag. But i need to make a rule for Base price so it won’t let me sell below product price. Could you help me please? Thanks,

Why do you have order tags with negative price?

In case customer wants to swap default toppings on named pizza. Let’s say customer wants meat feast pizza and wants to swap pepperoni for peppers. I read one of your tutorials for pizza toppings and I did toppings as order tags and default toppings with negative price order tag no pepperoni. But if cashier press no pepperoni and forget to replace with another topping. That’s what I want to prevent from happening.

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Do you want it to say no pepperoni in kitchen or does it matter? I mean does your chef look at all ingredients?

Like what if you just took pepperoni off and it just didn’t list it in kitchen.

I set up everything following your tutorial with order tags. And default toppings with pizzas plus no peperoni no chicken etc. With negative priced order tags. Everything looks and work as I wanted. Only problem I’m facing if cashier make mistake on till. Take off default item( let’s say no pepperoni with -0.50 priced order tag but don’t add another topping(let’s say peppers with 0.50 priced order tag) we and up with product price reduced -0.50. I want to prevent this by adding rule or something pizza products can’t sell less than product price. Thanks for quick reply BTW. Thanks,

Do we have access to Order.Model.GetPrice . GetvisiblePrice is for price + order tag price.

BTW don’t remember why we have to use GetVisiblePrice back then when doing discount. Why {PRICE} not return item price + tag price.

Is {PRICE} still return item price only (when ticket not saved)?

Does {PRICE} not return inc order tag is tag is set to be included in price?

Well, I still haven’t tried it yet. I will try and get back but don’t know when lol.

Return to OP question, I think using custom product tag to set minimum price for each items would work for sure. But it would be easier if we can get base price (original before order tag) as minimum.

In order tagged event If Current price < {ITEMTAG:X} then set Order Tag Value = 0.

EDIT: I think maybe PRICE tag is not available yet when ticket not saved. That why we have to use Model.GetVisiblePrice. I could be wrong. Have to try.

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{PRICE} worked in Order Tagged rule on the half/half topic the other day… That was on a new ticket…


Oopp, maybe not that easy, can we easily can change last order price? LOL. Maybe have to store last order tag name in program setting. :wink:

Haven’t do anything with order tag for long long time. I have to revisit it sometime.

I used a state to store original order price in my half board package setting. An order state and state value would be more powerfull way, wouldn’t even just be last order, could be any new orders :wink:

I did it where first x starters, mains etc would be changed to 0 price but you could override this by removing from package which woud restore the price and allow another to be set. and constrained a ask question that is the number of package orders (based on entity guests) where package item was another state it propted to say already 2 package mains are you sure you wish to contine.
The power of samba :slight_smile:

A little off topic, I will revisit this order tag soon. I want to make clone items with order tags (like another round of drinks). But I think I will have problem with prefix like you have the other days with half and half pizza

Could you explain to me more please? Im beginner to this I setup product tag? Thanks,

do you show price on each order tag or you set add order tag price to product price?

I show order tag price with each tag.

It is trickier than I initially thought.
Let say:

Pizza A       $10.00
- No Pepperoni -0.50 <==At this point cant make it 0 yet because we don't know if there is another add on or not

I will think about it again

I think the easiest is to check if order tag total is 0 or more. If below 0, have that order line red color and popup to notify user. And ticket cannot closed.

Pizza A           $10.00
- No Pepperoni     -0.50
- Add Mushroom      0.50
Pizza B           $11.00
- No Shrimp        -1.00
- Add peppers       0.50

Pizza B will be Red color because Order tag total price is below 0. And waiter have to fix this by adding something to to make it 0 or more

Do you think this will work for you?

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Ok, how about this…

An order state with state name ‘TotalTagValue’ which the value is updated with each tag added.
Order State Vaue = Old Value + Tag Price.
Along with a tag order action which sets a price adjustment tag to cancel out a negative total tag…
In theory can set to remove tag is total is >= 0.

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